Top 120 FinTech Influencers You Need To Know in Asia

Collaboration within the global FinTech industry is on the rise, and Asia continues to dominate the market with innovation in products, continued investments and several experts setting up base in this part of the world. Fintech Asia had earlier gauged FinTech talents to release a list of top FinTech influencers. We have updated our exhaustive list, adding even more FinTech hustlers you need to know about and follow…

We ranked the top FinTech influencers based on their Klout score, i.e. their social media influence. Klout score is an indicator of influence and presence that is calculated using social media data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and many other online sources. Similar to how Google’s search engine ranks the relevance of every web page, Klout ranks the social influence of profiles online.

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P.S. – We’ll release the next issue of top influencers in the next quarter. 

Top 120 FinTech Influencers You Need To Know in Asia

[UPDATE#1 26.07.2017]

Vijay Shekhar Sharma


Vijay is the founder of One97 Communications and Paytm. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Klout Score: 77

Followers: 170k

William H. Saito


William is an entrepreneur, cybersecurity expert, board member of several companies, and Special Adviser to the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Economic Trade & Industry (METI) for the Government of Japan.

Klout Score: 74

Followers: 686k

Monica Jasuja


Monica is Head of Digital at Mastercard in India.

Klout Score: 71

Followers: 6.1k

Paul Ark


Paul is the Managing Director of Siam Commercial Bank’s USD50m corporate venture capital fund.

Klout Score: 68

Followers: 617

Mike Cannon-Brookes


Mike is the co-founder and CEO of the Australian software company Atlassian Software Systems.

Klout Score: 66

Followers: 23.4k

Jungwook Lim


Jungwook is the Managing Director of Startup Alliance Korea, a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 to foster the Korean startup ecosystem.

Klout Score: 66

Followers: 389k

Faisal Khan


Faisal Khan is an independent banking & payments consultant providing advisory services for banks and financial services companies. He is also an advisor to Hippocorn and talent scout for Series A & B financing.

Klout Score: 65

Followers: 9k

Prakash Somosundram


Prakash is an entrepreneur, founder of Pealo, and co-Founder and director at The Singapore FinTech Consortium.

Klout Score: 63

Followers: 382

Varun Mittal


Varun is the Associate Director, Fintech at EY covering emerging technology and business models in financial services across ASEAN. He also takes care of partnerships at Singapore FinTech Association, and an advisor to Boleh Ventures.

Klout Score: 63

Followers: 1.3k

Rod Drury


Rod Drury is CEO and founder of small business accounting software provider Xero which listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 2007 and the Australian Stock Exchange in 2012.

Klout Score: 63

Followers: 40.2k

Jon Holloway


Jon is the founder of Zuper, a superannuation product ready to launch soon in Australia.

Klout Score: 62

Followers: 13.2k

Aman Narain


Aman is currently the Head of Digital, APAC at Schroders. He has been CEO at and has previously headed global digital banking channels at Standard Chartered Bank.

Klout Score: 62

Followers: 1.5k

Amit Goel


Amit is the co-founder & Managing Director of Let’s Talk Payments LLC (LTP). He is one of Asia’s top 100 people in FinTech.

Klout Score: 62

Followers: 11.5k

Suvodeep Das


Suvodeep leads marketing, product development, communication & new initiatives at Sodexo BRSIndia.

Klout Score: 61

Followers: 10.6k

Scott Bales


Scott is the Managing Director of Innovation Labs Asia, a keynote speaker, Innovation Director at Next Bank among other roles.

Klout Score: 61

Followers: 66k

Matt Dooley


Matt is the founder and Managing Director of Connected Thinking Ltd, a mentor and advisor at Startupbootcamp, and a part of FinTech Association of Hong Kong.

Klout Score: 59

Followers: 14.6k

David Moskowitz


David is a Director at Attores which enables data sharing using blockchain technology. He is also a Project Head at, a decentralised social network.

Klout Score: 59

Followers: 625

James Lloyd


James Lloyd is a part of the EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Organization (FSO), a fully dedicated and integrated entity with a unique approach focused exclusively on servicing the needs of EY’s clients in the financial services industry.

Klout Score: 59

Followers: 2.1k

Brad Jones


Brad Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of Wave Money, an experienced executive specialising in digital finance, mobile money and business transformation in developing markets, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Klout Score: 58

Followers: 3.3k

Joe Seunghyun Cho


Joe Seunghyun Cho is the CEO of LATTICE80, a global fintech hub, and co-founder & Chairman ofMarvelstone Group

Klout Score: 56

Followers: 11.9k

Daniel Liebau


Daniel is the founder of Lightbulb Capital – a research and advisory firm on ‘innovation in financial services’ in Hong Kong and Singapore. Before starting Lightbulb Capital Dan was COO and on the board of HSBC Securities.

Klout Score: 56

Followers: 691

Jeffrey Paine


Jeffrey is Managing Partner at Golden Gate Ventures in Singapore, an early stage seed fund for startups in Southeast Asia with strong ties to Silicon Valley.

Klout Score: 56

Followers: 8.8k

Leonhard Weese


Leo is a mentor at SuperCharger Fintech Accelerator in Hong Kong. He has a keen interest in micro economics, statistics, debate, logistics and cryptography.

Klout Score: 55

Followers: 3.3k

Kunal Patel


Kunal is Director of Product Management & Marketing at Tagit, a FinTech organisation in Singapore which connects banks to the FinTech ecosystem through a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service platform to enable their digital banking services.

Klout Score: 54

Followers: 568

Neal Cross


Neal Cross is the Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer of DBS Bank and a strong advocate for innovation thinking and culture. He has been recognised as the most disruptive Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)/ Chief Technology Officer (CTO) globally by panel which consists of prominent business innovators including Apple co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Virgin Group Founder, Sir Richard Branson.

Klout Score: 54

Followers: 2.8k

Slava Solodkiy


Vladislav (Slava) Solodkiy founded Life.SREDA VC, a fintech-only fund. Slava is also an evangelist of Singapore as an international fintech hub. He was recently highlighted by Institutional Investor, UK magazine, as one of TOP35 most influential fintech-persons in the world.

Klout Score: 53

Followers: 1.8k

Rob Findlay


Founder of Next Money, Rob has served as a mentor for startups in the IBM Watson New Venture Challenge and Startupbootcamp FinTech in Singapore. He holds a consulting role on developing and leading a customer experience design practice at DBS as a senior vice president.

Klout Score: 53

Followers: 6.3k

Toby Heap


Toby Heap is a Founding Partner of H2 Ventures. He has vast amount of experience founding, leading and investing in high growth startup companies.

Klout Score: 53

Followers: 2.8k

Ayesha Khanna


Ayesha is  CEO and Co-Founder of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence advisory firm and incubator that helps companies to innovate, optimise and grow. She advises companies and governments on smart cities, future skills, fintech, and other emerging industries.

Klout Score: 52

Followers: 5.2k

Gaurav Sharma


Gaurav is Managing Partner at Atlantis Capital Pte Ltd, with more than 17 years of operating experience with startups, global banks, consumer tech, consulting & finance across Asia- including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

Klout Score: 52

Followers: 15.1k

Jun Hasegawa


Jun was involved in founding LIFEmee and established Omise, a Thailand-based payment gateway in late 2014. He is CEO at Omise which also operates in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

Klout Score: 52

Followers: 2.7k

Anson Zeall


Anson Zeall is the co-founder and CEO of CoinPip.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 6.1k

Wynthia Goh


As the Chief Digital Officer in Asia, Wyn is responsible for the Aviva digital agenda in the region. She oversees initiatives to improve the digital customer experience, drive digital innovation in the business and build digital capabilities in markets. She is a digital native who has held regional and global roles in product management, business development, venture investment, digital strategy and marketing.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 1.1k

George Kesselman


George Kesselman, co-founder of InsurTechAsia, is a passionate individual who wants to bring change to the under-digitalised insurance industry. He wants to reshape it to fulfil the purpose of doing good for people. George is also the Managing Director of Pivot Ventures on Singapore.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 6k

Antony Lewis


Antony Lewis is the Director of the R3’s Lab & Research Centre in Singapore. R3 is an innovation firm focused on building and empowering the next generation of global financial services technology.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 1.7k

Shwetank Verma


Shwetank Verma is a start-up specialist. His focus is on bringing new concepts to market and setting them up to scale by combining the concepts of design thinking and lean entrepreneurship. He is currently an innovator at MetLife, in charge of driving forward new revenue opportunities and broadly focused on being an intrapreneur within the larger organisation, with a focus on application of new technologies (VR/AI) in fintech and digital health.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 1.9k

Jessica Ellerm


Jessica is the CEO and co-founder of Zuper in Australia. She is an active global fintech commentator, writing for her own blog and a number of global publications including Daily Fintech and BankNXT.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 2.3k

Augustus Loi


Augustus Loi is a venture capitalist at SGInnovate (previously Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd), a venture capital arm of Singapore Infocomm Development Authority. He looks at technology start-ups that are: suitable for direct investment (seed stage to pre-IPO) and suitable for support given national strategic and/or Smart Nation relevance.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 9.6k

Alex Campbell


Alex Campbell is the founding managing director of Xero Asia. Xero Asia aims to bring efficient accounting software to small businesses in 40+ countries across Asia.

Klout Score: 51

Followers: 2.7k

Jennifer Zhu


Jennifer is the co-founder and principal of Radian Partners, focusing on private investments in AI and the blockchain for family offices and UHNWIs.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 1.2k

Adrianna Tan


Adrianna founded Wobe in 2014, an innovative take on financial services for the low income segment of Southeast Asia. Previously, Adrianna has worked on the intersection of tech, content and social. From founding and growing tech startups in Southeast Asia to starting and running non-profits in India, she believes strongly that technology and social good can and should go together.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 31.2k

Stefano Covolan


Stefano is a startup advisor and investor, focusing on growth and marketing for early stage startups. He is currently leading growth at a series a startup in Singapore.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 5.2k

Chris Doerfler


Chris has been actively involved in the industry as a cybersecurity, blockchain and fintech advisor. He has previously run the cybersecurity, compliance & expansion initiatives for the fintech /global payments arm of Tadley Asia. He is now the co-founder of to redefine fintech business use-case solution design & advisory.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 2.6k

Bert-Jan van Essen


Bert is the co-founder of Dragon Wealth Asia. Along with that he has worked on big data analytics Upefy platform for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents, and Red Dot Financial website.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 804

Souheil Badran


Souheil is President at Alipay North America, and also on the Presidential Advisory Council of Electronic Transactions Association.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 1.5k

Taizo Son


Taizo is an experienced serial entrepreneur, investor, incubator and startup enthusiast. He has successfully created many venture businesses in areas of games, media and other mobile broadband related technologies and services. He also has a strong track record in cross-border businesses, whereby forming key strategic partnerships to help US/EU venture businesses to enter the Asian market.

Klout Score: 50

Followers: 81.5k

Igor Pesin


Igor is a Partner and Investment Director at Life.SREDA VC, a global fintech-focused venture capital fund, headquartered in Singapore.

Klout Score: 49

Followers: 612

Alex Scandurra


Former army captain Alex is the CEO of Stone & Chalk, a hub for fintech focused startups in Sydney, NSW.

Klout Score: 49

Followers: 2.5k

Stephen Breen


Stephen handles Innovation & Strategic Partnerships in the Asia Pacific region for Visa.

Klout Score: 49

Followers: 992

Charles D’Haussy


Charles is Head of FinTech at Invest Hong Kong.

Klout Score: 49

Followers: 1.1k

Tharman Shanmugaratnam


Tharman is the Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies in Singapore, and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Klout Score: 49

Followers: 3.7k

Henri Arslanian


Henri Arslanian is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Hong Kong University where he teaches graduate courses on Entrepreneurship in Finance as well as the first FinTech university course in Asia. He previously spent many years with UBS Investment Bank in Hong Kong and started his career as a financial markets and funds lawyer. A member of the Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle and with over 70,000 LinkedIn followers, Henri is a regular speaker on the topic of FinTech to various audiences, ranging from TEDx to Fortune 500 management teams. He also sits on a number of other finance, academic, civil society and FinTech related boards and advisory committees including the HKSFA FinTech Committee and the FSDC Fintech Advisory Team.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 1.1k

Balasubramaniam GD


With over 24 years of experience in Banking & Financial Services industry, Balasubramaniam currently sits as the senior vice president of DBS Risk Management Group. He is working on collaboration with fintech partners, innovation hubs and building models for digital verticals of payment products, loans and SME offerings.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 3.9k

Sopnendu Mohanty


As Chief Fintech Officer at Monetary Authority of Singapore, Sopnendu is responsible for creating development strategies and regulatory policies around technology innovation to “better manage risks, enhance efficiency and strengthen competitiveness in the financial sector”.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 1.4k

Mikaal Abdulla


Mikaal is the co-Founder & CEO of 8 Securities, Asia’s first robo-advisor and $0 commission trading service.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 888

Matt Symons


Matt is currently engaged in several machine learning and artificial intelligence projects including Red Marker, an Australian RegTech pioneer. Red Marker has developed Artemis an automated compliance solution for regulated entities.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 508

B Amrish Rau


Amrish is a digital payments journeyman, presently the CEO of PayU Money India. He was Managing Director of Citrus Pay before it was acquired by PayU in 2016.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 964

Shinjini Kumar


Shinjini is Director in the Tax and Regulatory Services at Price Waterhouse Coopers. She heads Western India Regulatory practice, essentially focussing on RBI regulations dealing with banking, financial services, cross border and others.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 1.3k

Tyson Hackwood


Tyson is Head of Asia for Braintree, and is responsible for the current expansion of Braintree and its international leadership in Mobile Payments, with a specific focus on Asia.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 1.2k

Takako Kansai


Takako is the CEO and founder at Zaim Inc. in Japan.

Klout Score: 48

Followers: 17.4k

Samuel Hall


Sam is the Program Director at Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore.

Klout Score: 47

Followers: 754

Lizzie Chapman


Lizzie is the co-founder and CEO of ZestMoney. She is based in Bengaluru and is in charge of marketing and acquisitions at ZestMoney.

Klout Score: 47

Followers: 2k

Darren Boey


Darren is a Editor in the Asian Finance Team at Bloomberg News in Hong Kong. The team focuses on Asian commercial and investment banking, private banking and wealth management industries.

Klout Score: 47

Followers: 1.3k

Karen Loon


Karen is a Financial Services Assurance Partner and the Banking and Capital Markets Leader and Territory Diversity Leader at Price Waterhouse Coopers Singapore with 27 years of experience with the firm.

Klout Score: 47

Followers: 700

Ron Hose


Ron is founder and CEO of

Klout Score: 47

Followers: 2.2k

George Harrap


George is CEO at Bitspark Ltd.

Klout Score: 47

Followers: 695

Simon Cant


Simon is a co-founder and Managing Director Reinventure Group. Simon has spent his career working on innovation, both through venture and corporate innovation.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 1.3k

Arvin Singh


Arvin is Director of New Channels at Visa in Singapore. He is focused on driving collaboration between FinTechs, merchants, technology providers and financial services providers.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 858

Tejasvi Mohanram


Tejasvi is the founder & CEO of RupeePower, a leading consumer & retail credit platform in India.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 405

Guillermo Musumeci


Guillermo is the CTO at Ballr, a free gaming platform for fans to connect, compete and communicate during real-time sporting events. Apart from Ballr, he is also the founder of KopiCloud, which develops Multi-Cloud Automation Tools for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 312

J. P. Ellis


J. P. Ellis, who was previously a private equity executive, co-founded the Compare88 Group, Southeast Asia’s largest financial comparison e-commerce group.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 660

Markus Gnirck


Markus was named the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 in 2016 in Venture Capital & Finance. He is currently the Managing Director of tryb Capital. tryb Capital invests in growth stage infrastructure technology and platforms transforming financial services in ASEAN

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 3.7k

Roy Teo


Roy is the Director of FinTech & Innovation Group at Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 1.3k

Anju Patwardhan


Anju is Senior Partner with CreditEase Fintech Fund (of USD 1 billion) and Fund of Funds, based in Silicon Valley.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 1.2k

Shanti Mohan


Shanti is the founder of LetsVenture in India. LetsVenture enables startups and investors to discover and connect with each other to make the process of fund raise easy, efficient and transparent.

Klout Score: 46

Followers: 3.8k

Charlotte Petris


Charlotte is co-founder and CEO of Melbourne based Timelio, an online marketplace connecting growing businesses directly with a network of investors to enable access to fast, flexible and lower cost finance.

Klout Score: 45

Followers: 577

Steve Leonard


Steve is the founding CEO of SGInnovate in Singapore.

Klout Score: 45

Followers: 2.8k

Richard Eldridge


Richard is the co-founder and CEO of Lenddo, a fintech startup with an aim to economically empower the emerging middle class in developing countries.

Klout Score: 45

Followers: 343

Paul Chapman


Paul is the founder of Tokyo-based fintech venture ‘Moneytree’.

Klout Score: 45

Followers: 549

Janos Barberis


Janos founded FinTech HK, a thought leadership platform, and the SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator that strategically leverages on Hong Kong as a gateway to Asia. He also sits on the advisory board of the World Economic Forum’s FinTech Committee and on the Academic Advisory Board of Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Klout Score: 45

Followers: 1.2k

Frank T. Troise


Frank is the Head of Innovation at Synpulse Management Consulting in Singapore, and a Managing Member of SoHo Capital LLC in California.

Klout Score: 45

Followers: 1.8k

Jordan Windebank


Jordan leads KPMG’s Banking and Capital Markets consulting business in Singapore.

Klout Score: 44

Followers: 488

Pranav Seth


Pranav is SVP, Head of E-business, Business Transformation and Fintech & Innovation group at OCBC Bank in Singapore.

Klout Score: 44

Followers: 478

Manish Agarwal


Manish joined Kotak Mahindra Bank in 2007 and is presently SVP of Digital Marketing & Innovation. He is also a mentor at Startupbootcamp.

Klout Score: 43

Followers: 468

Yosha Gupta


Yosha Gupta is the Founder & CEO of LafaLafa, a leading coupon website in India rewarding customers for online shopping and driving loyalty.

Klout Score: 43

Followers: 1.1k

Subhajit Mandal


Subhajit is Director of LumenLab at MetLife Innovation Centre, currently building an end to end B2C insurance application on blockchain.

Klout Score: 43

Followers: 104

Bruno Araujo


Bruno is co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at iMoney Group in Malaysia.

Klout Score: 43

Followers: 230

Tomoyuki Sugiyama


Tomoyuki is founder and CEO of Crowdcredit, Inc., a cross-border marketplace lending platform which provides debt capital to individuals and SMEs in Europe, Africa and in Latin America.

Klout Score: 43

Followers: 1.3k

Rosaline Koo


Rosaline is founder and CEO of CXA Group in Singapore. CXA’s vision is to unlock wellness in the workplace without firms spending more, by converting existing insurance and healthcare dollars into prevention and disease management.

Klout Score: 43

Followers: 726

Liam GIlligan


Liam is Head of Innovation Lab at Commonwealth Bank, Hong Kong.

Klout Score: 42

Followers: 118

Alex Lin


Alex is a venture capitalist, head of Infocomm Investments.

Klout Score: 42

Followers: 799

Gina Heng


Gina is the co-founder and CEO of Marvelstone Group, Founding Partner of LATTICE80 and Founder of Miss Kaya.

Klout Score: 41

Followers: 2.4k

Mehedi Hasan Sumon


Mehedi Hasan is the founder and CEO of MyCash Online, a FinTech solution provider for the unbanked people in South & South East Asia.

Klout Score: 41

Followers: 1.5k

Dušan Stojanović


Dušan is the founder and director of True Global Ventures. He has worked since within Fintech since 1998 with GE Capital, Monabanq and several investments since 2005. He was awarded the Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 by EBAN after making three (positive) exits in a week.

Klout Score: 41

Followers: 685

Yinglan Tan


Tan Yinglan is Venture Partner at Sequoia Capital. He is the first hire by Sequoia in Singapore. He helped set up the Singapore office for Sequoia and is currently managing investments for Sequoia in the region. Sequoia’s recent portfolio in the region include Tokopedia, Carousell, Gojek, Appier, Kfit, Pinkoi, Dailyhotel, Zilingo and

Klout Score: 41

Followers: 37.3k

Aki Ranin


Aki is co-founder and COO of Bambu B2B robo-advisory with a goal to make digital wealth accessible to everyone in Asia.

Klout Score: 41

Followers: 50

Piyush Gupta


Piyush is a banker, and the Chief Executive Officer and Director of DBS Group in Singapore since November 2009.

Klout Score: 41

Followers: 631

Sarah Tin


Chartered accountant turned creative business owner, turned banking project consultant, and now fintech

entrepreneur – Sarah is the co-founder and CEO of Bamboo, a business dedicated to building digital financial services for SMEs in Asia.

Klout Score: 40

Followers: 219

Amran Hassan


Amran is Head of Innovation at Maybank, based in Kuala Lumpur.

Klout Score: 40

Followers: 317

Shankar Narayanan


Shankar has most recently co-founded Active Intelligence, a platform that enables financial institutions to deliver their services using Intuition and Automation over channels of engagement. He is also the co-founder of Fastacash Pte Ltd and Tagit Pte Ltd.

Klout Score: 40

Followers: 315

Michelle Katics


Michelle is a FinTech Entrepreneur, FemTech leader, and start-up mentor. She is the co-founder and CEO of PortfolioQuest, and co-founder and Innovation Advisor at BankersLab. Startupbootcamp FinTech, The FinLab and The Founder Institute have Michelle as mentor to startups.

Klout Score: 40

Followers: 143

Leo Shimada


Leo Shimada is the co-founder and CEO of Crowdo.

Klout Score: 39

Followers: 463

Tobias Puehse


Tobias is Vice President for Innovation Management at MasterCard in Singapore.

Klout Score: 39

Followers: 293

Steve Monaghan


Steve is Chairman and CEO of GenLife, a Limited Partner and investment committee member in True Global Ventures, Vice Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Mobile China, Co-Chairman of HK HealthTech Association, a Board Member of Pulse Global and a private investor in Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Healthtech and Fintech. He started his career as a commercial pilot.

Klout Score: 38

Followers: 1.2k

Olivier Berthier


Olivier is the founder and CEO of Moneythor. Moneythor develops software providing more intelligent and contextual digital banking for customers and enhanced marketing and analytics for banks.

Klout Score: 37

Followers: 712

Dinesh Bhatia


Dinesh is the founder of TradeHero, a learning and trading tip platform for financial retail products in Singapore. He has also founded SportsHero, a social sports prediction game and premium tips marketplace for sports fans.

Klout Score: 37

Followers: 526

Toby Hoenisch


Toby is the founder of TenX in Singapore. TenX allows users to store and use their blockchain assets, and spend it anytime withTenX card.

Klout Score: 37

Followers: 573

Alex Medana


Alex is CEO and co-founder of FinFabrik, Board Member of Fintech Association HK and a public speaker. He is known in the Securities industry for his engagement in reducing costs, risks and complexity whilst making post-trade more efficient particularly in the APAC region. He has become a sought-after Fintech adviser for how blockchain may change the face of financial services.

Klout Score: 35

Followers: 116

Mikko Perez


Mikko has a successful track record investing in and operating innovative technology, new media and telecom-related ventures from previous experience as an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase specialising in technology, media and telecom ventures

Klout Score: 30

Followers: 120

Ryan Collins


Ryan is Head of the Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT) by Manulife in Singapore.

Klout Score:  30

Followers: 180

Aaron Siwoku


Aaron is founder and CEO of TOAST – a P2P money transfer application that allows Filipinos in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Klout Score: 30

Followers: 560

Zia Zaman


Zia is the Chief Innovation Officer at MetLife Asia, based in Singapore.

Klout Score: 30

Followers: 313

Koichi Saito


Koichi is the founder and General Partner of KK Fund – a venture capital fund to invest in seed stage internet and mobile startups across South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Klout Score: 28

Followers: 74

Alex Kong


Alex is the founder and Group CEO of TNG Wallet in Hong Kong. TNG allows online/offline payment, P2P, P2M, etc. & will launch in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines soon.

Klout Score: 28

Followers: 729

Jaewon Peter Chun


Peter is the CEO and General Partner at XNTree Ltd. XNTree supports fintech and smart city tech companies in entering new markets globally.

Klout Score: 28

Followers: 77

Cynthia Siantar


Cynthia Siantar is a co-founder of Call Levels. She was Forbes Asia 30 under 30 in 2016 under the Finance & Venture Capital category.

Klout Score: 27

Followers: 231

Emmanuelle Norchet


Emmanuelle is the Associate Director of Investments at Golden Equator Capital in Singapore. GEC is an independent CMS licensed asset management firm.

Klout Score: 27

Followers: 369

Ravi Patel


Ravi is a FinTech entrepreneur and the founder of YoloPay.

Klout Score: 26

Followers: 333

Raghav Kapoor


Raghav is the CEO and co-founder of Smartkarma, a collaborative marketplace where market participants create, distribute and consume investment insights.

Klout Score: 25

Followers: 87

Alistair Duff


Alistair, currently on a sabbatical, was the Country Head, Singapore and Director, Business Development SE Asia of R3. R3 is a financial innovation firm that leads a consortium of over 70 of the world’s leading financial institutions to design and deliver advanced distributed ledger technologies to global financial markets.

Klout Score: 19

Followers: 57