Sendah Launches Project Bantay Boto

Monday, 15 March 2010 14:40

Manila, Philippines – March 15, 2010 – Ayannah, a leading provider of innovative services that enable secure, reliable and convenient transactions for online and mobile communities, announced that Sendah, its unified online service for cross-border transactions has launched Project Bantay Boto (“Poll Watch”), a unique service that allows expatriates to support initiatives to insure clean and peaceful May 2010 National Elections in the Philippines.

Project Bantay Boto is a partnership between Ayannah, the Yellow and Honest Movement and KilosKo Foundation. The Yellow and Honest Movement is a group of telecommunications and media entrepreneurs and executives who have volunteered time and resources to support projects strengthening democracy in the Philippines. KilosKo Foundation supports projects and initiatives that strengthen democratic institutions in the Philippines.

According to Yellow and Honest Movement Spokesperson Noy Consolacion, “Project Bantay Boto was conceptualized in partnership with the Yellow and Honest Movement and KilosKo Foundation to allow Filipinos to support the projects of KilosKo in support of volunteers who will insure clean and peaceful Philippine elections in May.”

According to Ayannah CEO, Miguel Perez, “We are pleased to be involved in Project Bantay Boto. Project Bantay Boto leverages Sendah’s online transaction-enabling platform to allow expatriates to purchase commemorative T-shirts on behalf of volunteers who will work to insure clean and peaceful elections. In return, expatriates who participate by sponsoring volunteers will get a special limited edition commemorative bookmark showing the iconic images of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, the heroes of Philippine Democracy.”

Atty. Joy Roxas, KilosKo Spokesperson said, “Project Bantay Boto is an important initiative. There are close to ten million overseas Filipinos who have a stake in strengthening Philippine democracy. Many of these expatriates want to be involved. Project Bantay Boto allows them to be involved and make a difference by supporting initiatives of volunteers who will be involved in voters’ education, pollwatching and supporting the candidacy of honest and competent public servants.”

Ayannah operates Sendah, a unified online service that allows expatriates to stay connected and maintain relationships. Sendah is a preferred way to send load or prepaid airtime credits, money and gifts to loved ones in the Philippines.
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