Sendah Direct Opens Doors to Distributors Abroad

Manila, Philippines: With Sendah Direct’s success on the local front, Ayannah is going all out when it comes to encouraging Filipinos abroad to augment their income by reselling load or mobile airtime credits, game pins, dental cards, and PanaLoad Club products. Sendah Direct, Ayannah’s web-based retail system is an easy-to-use platform, accessible through web and mobile browsers, as well as legacy SMS.

“We know from the report released by the Department of Labor and Employment that many OFs, especially those who were repatriated from troubled countries, have tried going into business in 2012,” says Francis Servino, Product Manager for Sendah Direct. Servino adds, “This supports our belief that many of our kababayans abroad are looking for better opportunities – opportunities that Sendah Direct can provide with its range of fast-selling products and unique service features including a wallet system that makes funds and inventory levels easier to monitor, web and mobile accessibility, 24/7 customer service and technical support, just to mention a few.”

For more information on Sendah Direct’s Distributor terms for OFs, check or email

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