Sendah Direct Offers PanaLoad in Partnership with AsianLife

Manila, Philippines: After the successful launch of last July, Ayannah is focusing on strategically refreshing Sendah Direct’s product lines to better provide its agents and distributors with easy to sell items. Aside from prepaid load credits, Sendah Direct agents and distributors can also resell game pins, dental cards and PanaLoad Club products, which are Personal Accident (PA) Insurance plans – the most affordable of which can be bought for as low as P10.00.

According to Product Manager Francis Servino, “PanaLoad Club is the brainchild of Ayannah and AsianLife, one of the top life and non-life insurance companies in the Philippines. Through this partnership, we are able to offer the most affordable PA Insurance plans to anyone between the ages of 18 to 65 years old, who wants to be prepared for the unexpected such as in the case of permanent total disability or accidental death. With PANALO25 for example, one of PanaLoad Club’s bestselling products, the plan owner gets P10,000 PA Insurance coverage, which is good for 30 days plus P15 regular load credits to any network (Smart, Talk N’Text, Globe, TM, and Sun).”

PanaLoad Club products are sold exclusively by Sendah Direct agents and distributors. For more information on Sendah Direct products, check out or


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