Sendah Remit Taps Leading Payment Centers to Bolster Domestic Network

MANILA, Philippines - March 16, 2015 Sendah Remit, an online remittance service, has forged ties with several top pawnshops and payment centers in a bid to create the widest domestic remittance network in the country. Sendah Remit is a subsidiary of Ayannah, a Philippines-based purveyor of ecommerce and online payment solutions. 

In 2014, Sendah Remit closed deals with Maria Gracia Pawnshop (140 branches), Express Pay (600 branches), OK Remit (200 branches), and PinoyPeraPadala (80 branches). These recent partnerships when combined with other preexisting agreements, give Sendah Remit more than 2600 domestic points of presence.  

“We are happy to see the reception Sendah Remit has gotten,” says Ayannah’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Chito Siongco. “It’s great to be working with partners who see the potential of the platform and the great service it provides,” he adds. 

Joemel Dela Cruz, Sendah Remit’s Head of Network Development, is bullish on the future saying he believes Sendah Remit will soon be the most accessible way for Filipinos to send money to one another. “We’re grateful for the support that our partners have shown in the service. Our goal at Sendah Remit is to be available to as many of our countrymen as possible and it wouldn’t be possible without these partnerships we have built.” 

Domestic remittances can be sent and received at any of Sendah Remit’s more than 2600 partner branches nationwide. 

About Ayannah: 

Ayannah is a leading provider of digital commerce and payment services to migrants and the unbanked at the base of the economic pyramid.  We enrich the lives of our customers by allowing them to send and share values over the social and mobile web. Ayannah operates several services that allow convenient online and mobile giving, selling and buying on an award winning technology platform. Sendah is an online gifting service that lets anyone send a variety of gift items toanywhere in the Philippines.  Sendah Direct is our award-winning online retailing service for enterprising individuals and groups who want to resell all kinds of electronic and physical goods and services.

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