We are a thought leader in developing services that enable secure, reliable and convenient transactions over online and mobile networks. We operate our own services using our own intellectual properties (we have several granted patents and patents pending). We specialize in developing and monetizing proprietary and innovative “remote payment” and “present payment” solutions that allow online and mobile communities to share and transfer values such as prepaid airtime credits and other electronic cash equivalents using a variety of origination and termination modalities.


We operate our own award-winning and fast-growing web 2.0 services:

Sendah Direct (www.sendahdirect.com) is our first service for the "unbanked".  Since launch in October 2010 in the Philippines, we have scaled to thousands of points of presence in a little over a year and have processed millions of transactions.  This is a "Cloud-based Software as a Service" that is truly market-tested to be secure, reliable and scalable.


Sendah (www.sendah.com) is our B2C service for the migrant. Initially targetting Overseas Filipinos (OFs), we have developed a growing and loyal following of repeat customers.


Gamenah (www.gamenah.com) is our B2C service for online gamers.  It features an online wallet that allows online gamers to buy all types of prepaid game credits and virtual goods using Over-The-Phone (OTP), Over-The-Web (OTW) and Over-The-Counter (OTC) payment options.