Sendah Direct is a secure, reliable, and scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that partners with brick-and-mortar retailers to offer mobile top-ups, online game credits, and domestic remittance. This B2B payment service has been adopted in over 7,000 retail outlets since its launch in October 2010.


Sendah is our B2C gift remittance service for migrants. Initially targeting Overseas Filipinos (OFs), we now have a growing base of over 70,000 customers with high lifetime value. Soon, it will address other immigrant communities from South Asia, Latin America, and other markets.

Sendah Remit is a bank grade Software-as-a-Service that allows interoperable international and domestic remittance transactions across different networks. Together with Sendah Direct, Sendah Remit will be the largest digital payment network in the Philippines.