Insurance Agency Manager

We are looking for an Insurance Agency Manager who will primarily develop, equip and monitor a network of insurance agents as well as drive insurance sales.


  • Development of insurance agency plan
  • Recruitment of insurance agents and insurance agency team
  • Development of team to handle insurance agency and its sales and operations
  • Oversee the training, learning and development of insurance agents
  • Oversee the management and monitoring of insurance agents and their performance
  • Development of policies, systems, processes and tools for the company or its agents to be able to: sell, distribute, administer insurance products, as well as provide support to insurance agents, brokers and underwriters on claims management and customer service
  • In charge of development and implementation of sales plan for insurance products
  • Oversee development of insurance products that will be distributed through the company’s insurance agent network
  • In charge of overseeing the development and monitoring of all contracts with insurance brokers, underwriters and agents
  • In-charge of making sure the company is compliant with the authorities and contracts with regard to the sale, distribution and administration of insurance products
  • In charge of monitoring competition and development of strategies to respond to market opportunities and threats
  • Represent the company for any insurance-related meeting or project
  • Development of sales and performance reports of insurance agents and insurance products
  • “Go the extra mile” to make sure the team and insurance agents are satisfied, growing and are performing at their best


  • Solid understanding and experience of insurance products (Life, Non-Life, Variable) and the insurance industry
  • At least 3 years experience in developing and managing a network of insurance agents
  • Proven skills and experience in selling various insurance products (Life, Non-Life, Variable)
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Ability to set, monitor and execute goals for himself/ herself and team
  • Ability to innovate in the development, packaging, sale, marketing and distribution of insurance products
  • Bachelor’s Graduate of a 4-year Business Degree Course (Finance, Management, Marketing, etc.) preferred

The positions listed are up for grabs. If you're interested, please send your resume to with subject heading "Job Application - <Position>, <Last Name>, <First Name>". Kindly include an introduction/cover letter in your e-mail.